The Plastic Problem

In our busy consumer lives; being ‘green’ can be perceived to be the inconvenient option, especially if it costs a little more, takes longer, and smells different. But there are compelling reasons, why we all need to review the ‘convenience’ and short-term solutions of materials such as plastic for our immediate health, wildlife welfare and the state of the planet we would like future generations to inherit.

Why cut down on plastic and packaging?


The Solution

Take action now and be part of the solution. Together we can change the course of the future and here is how.

Follow the mantra:

  • Refuse single-use items: plastic bags, straws, plastic water bottles
  • Reduce – If we reduce the need/ demand for convenience packaged items by demanding alternatives we can change things and reduce the amount of litter ending up in the oceans
  • Reuse – Choose reusable non-plastic options = cloth bags, drinking bottles, glass jars for storage
  • Recycle – Plastic bottles can be recycled although, an average UK household uses nearly 500 plastic bottles a year, but only recycles just over half of them (Recoup Consumer Insight, 2016 p.3). Other plastics are downcycled into fleeces and traffic cones- which cant be recycled again.

And while you are at it!

  • Support campaigns – There are lots of plastic petitions to sign
  • Inspire others – Show them the easy safer alternatives
  • Be a player for change – A united community and consumer demands can bring about change. Yay, let’s make things change!