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The Tipping Point: Where does our waste go?



Do you ever wonder?

Why is recycling and particularly plastic recycling so complicated?  Is waste to energy a better solution to landfill? Why aren’t producers responsible for the packaging that ends up in our bin? What is the Government doing about it?

Well ‘The Tipping Point: Where does our waste go?‘  will answer all these questions and more. This will be a chance to:

  • Get an understanding on what recycling really means for many products and materials.
  • Understand about the plants and countries where our waste gets processed and how this affects their end of life.
  • Plus all the developments and positive changes that are afoot to readdress the materials ending up on our shelves in the first instance.
This talk is perfect for those who have committed to reducing plastics, are confused by recycling or want to make informed decisions for their business and product packaging.
The speaker, Livvy Drake has worked across the waste landscape, from managing waste systems at festivals to delivering food and plastic waste reduction campaigns.
Venue: The White Rabbit, CliftonDoors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Tickets: £12 but if you use this code you can get £5 into your Funzing account to use against the ticket.