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Plastic Free Camper

It’s that time again, Summer festivals and holidays and as we get ready for Glastonbury and a summer of excursions we thought we would share some of our tips which reduce the packaging waste as well as lightening your heavy load ( more room for fancydress).


  • Take a large empty water canister, camel packs and smaller metal bottles to fill up from taps- this is much lighter and more environmentally friendly than la pack of 2 litre plastic bottles of water.
  • Decant spirits into metal re-usable bottles rather than plastic bottles.
  • Take re-usable cups for beer and coffee- take these to vendors for drinks.
  • Reboot provide a handy carry strap for cans and bottles made from recycled wellie boots.
  • Fruit tea bags, lemons or cucumber steeped in cold water for 2-3 hours make a refreshing drink rather than cartoons of juice that are heavy to carry.
  • Take protein powder and a shake cup rather than cartoons or bottles of protein drinks,these weigh loads less.




  • Pack food-stuffs in re-usable  cloth bags or reusable metal containers (like tiffin boxes) . Avoid bringing plastic carrier bags on site, these blow around in the breeze and can end up in the countryside and the waterways.
  • Energy food and instant snacks are important. Could you make your own energy balls or snacks to bring along? Here are some quick and easy recipes ideas.
  • Chocolate from Green & Blacks, Lindt, Divine and Lidl all come in paper and foil.
  • Buy loose fresh fruit and vegetables rather than bagged items. Fresh produce does not fair well sweating in a plastic bag inside a tent.
  • Bring re-usable cutlery.


  • Avoid travel miniatures, instead decant your own bigger bottles.
  • Stock up on shower and shampoo bars which come with a handy metal box rather than travel miniatures bottles. Lush do a brilliant range.
  • Be careful when choosing baby wipes, most aren’t flushable and not biodegradable (even if they say so) so make sure you dispose of them properly if you have to use them at all.
  • Bring re-usable razors rather than disposable.
  • Lush now have a sunscreen block and a powder in a recycled bottle
  • Mooncups and other menstrual cups are great for periods as you don’t have to carry lots of pads and tampons with you and they only need changing every 8-12 hours.

Festival Etiquette9448919

  • Divide up your waste as you would at home separating recycling, compost and landfill.
  • Always put items in the correct bin- did you know that a whole consignment of recycled items can be chucked in landfill if they are deemed contaminated with food waste or mixed with the wrong items?
  • Refuse straws from bars (maybe bring your own metal straw).
  • Rather than getting a new single-use plastic glass, reuse the one you have as much as possible.
  • If you have a re-usable plastic pint glass, take this to the bar.
  • Avoid dropping plastic cups on the floor, once broken they are difficult to pick up and could endanger the innocent animals who live on the land.
  • Take your tent, chairs, fancy dress and wellies home with you. Contrary to rumours, they don’t go to refugee camps. Instead they are an ecological disaster, and cost the festival thousands to remove. This means a festival ticket will increase in future years, as costs for landfill rise.