Overcoming our Brain: The Psychology behind a Lent Plastic Challenge

If you have ever started a diet, or told yourself you are never eating sugar or chocolate again, you will know how tough it can be and how all you think about is the forbidden items. This can be the same, if you try to make changes to your lifestyle for the environment, like going Read More

Lent Plastic Challenge 2017

After the wonderful feedback and engagement we have had in previous years we will be facilitating another Lent Plastic Challenge from Wednesday 1st March to Sunday 15th April. The challenge is a positive one, choose one or two items to find alternatives to each week. And you are not alone. There is a supportive Facebook Read More

Why plastic ‘aint fantastic for Mother Nature

As we get ready for the Lent Plastic Challenge,today’s blog is all about the environmental impacts of plastics throughout it’s lifecycle. Where does plastic come from? Plastic is made from crude oil, which is mined/drilled around the world. Oil is a fossil fuel, meaning it was created thousands of years ago from fossil refinement and Read More