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Plastic-Free Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are either in single-use plastic bottles or clothes and scourers are made from plastics that leach down the sink as microplastics. There are lots of alternative ways of buying cleaning products that don’t require you to live near a zero-waste shop.

The other benefit of these products is they use natural ingredients so are less toxic for the environment- remember that everything that goes down the sink will eventually end back in the water ways.

Refills & concentrates

If you have a local zero-waste shop you can get refills of most cleaning products, washing up liquid and laundry powder or liquid. Also some milk deliveries are offering the products from Fill.

There are lots of concentrates you can buy online that you can water down such as ocean savers or the True Earth laundry strips. These reduce the carbon footprint of transporting heavy liquids around the world.


Reusable laundry options


There are a number of options that you reuse in the washing machine, to fragrance your washing use essential oils. From my experience you need to be able to have good drying conditions with these:

  • Eco egg
  • Soap nuts 


    Cloth Alternatives


    Natural materials like:

    Loofah brushes

    Cloth and hessian scrubbies (found on Etsy)

    Coconut husk scourers

    Silicone scrubbers:

    Reusable silicone scrubbers – these can be washed in the dishwasher and are much more hygienic  

    DIY Cleaning Products


    Bicarbonate of soda, castile soap  and vinegar are the basis for a number of cleaning products. Try these recipes: 

    Want these tips all in one place? Ready to try a 30 day plastic challenge so you can  reduce plastics gradually and not feel overwhelmed? Download the free 30-day challenge.

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