Low Waste Print & Marketing

Is there a box of out-of-date flyers lurking in the back of your office? Do you come back from events with a  bag of unwanted pamphlets and business cards?

Let’s see how you could reduce these two scenarios.

Flyer printing

  • Plan generic flyer content that can be used for multiple events
  • Include bar codes or links to ongoing website offers rather than event specific offers
  • Request printing on recycled, unchlorinated paper and ideally with vegetable inks
  • Ensure any virgin paper is certified FSC or PEFC  paper
  • Monitor how many flyers you use at events and order accordingly for future events


No more unwanted keyrings, calenders or plastic tat! Think about giveaways that people will really want:

  • Edible items are a winner (avoid individual wrappers)
  • Seed paper and seed packets can be branded
  • Online or text discount codes are paper-free
  • Focus on online and social media campaigns where you can track engagement.

Guerilla marketing/ PR Stuntsrickshaw

Why not take your message to the streets and create a memorable brand impression with these ideas:

  • Bicycle rickshaws can be branded and wrapped with campaign messages.
  • New and old electric vehicles can be bought or hired and then branded as required.
  • Eco vehicle wraps are printed with vegetable, solvent free inks.
  • Murals made with plants, sand, rubbish can make a real statement

Community Engagement

If you have a sponsorship budget think about using this for an act of Corporate Social Responsibility in the community.

  • Don’t just sponsor a roundabout flower display, go and build the garden!
  • Organise a beach clean-up or litter pick
  • Work with a local charity that has synergy with your organisation.