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Plastic-Free Kitchen


It may seem like leading a zero-waste lifestyle is impossible unless you spend all your time at home in the kitchen preparing things…. 


Of course, that was one of the original selling points of plastic was that it meant 1950s women could give up on washing up as they could just use disposable plastic plates, and now so many foods are available as convenience items because of plastic packaging! 


A plastic-free kitchen doesn’t mean you should throw away all the reusable plastic items and in fact, there are some food items that you will find it hard to buy plastic-free and are just impractical. Green Livvy thinks it much better to focus on a few items and create new habits gradually which lead to an overall lifestyle with less waste rather than getting hung up on being plastic-free and feeling like a failure. 

Therefore the key is to have some key items to make cooking and making food from scratch quick


A good blender

These make it easy and quick to make dips and houmous, sauces, soups, smoothies and even vegan cheeses


A slow cooker


  •  these are great for starting a stew or a curry in the morning or overnight and it being ready for you to take for lunch or when you get home- this will also save you money too
  • There is no need to buy these new and spend hundreds of pounds but look on Facebay, ebay or Gumtree for makes like Blendtec.    


 As demonstrated during the COVID19 lockdown in the UK, being able to make your own bread overnight saves you money and keeps you in your daily bread with no need for packaging except for the paper bread packet


Save glass jars and fill them with your dried pulses. This way you do not need to buy lots of special glass jars to go zero waste shopping.

Bicarbonate of soda


  • This is essential for making many items such as toothpaste, deodorant and mouthwash 



Want these tips all in one place? Ready to try a 30 day plastic challenge so you can  reduce plastics gradually and not feel overwhelmed? Download the free 30-day challenge.

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