Low Waste Parties

We all like to party, but the worst job has to be clearing and tidying up at the end. Check out these low waste party tips that you could apply to any size event including a ‘green wedding’.

Venue Hire

Hiring a venue? Check out the venues green credentials:

  • Environmental policy, ISO 14001,BS8555 accreditation or Green Tourism Award
  • Recycling facilities
  • Energy saving initiatives
  • Genuine support of local suppliers.

jug-of-waterBar & Drinks

  • Have jugs for water instead of bottles. Fresh cucumber is delicious in a jug instead of cordial.
  • Hire in re-usable glassware
  • Use paper or metal straws or save money and go without
  • Consider recycled items such as jamjars for glasses
  • Buy cask ales, beers and ciders from a local supplier instead of cans. Look for local beer shops and breweries.

Tip: For large parties run a glass deposit scheme. Result = people bring glasses back to the bar so you can hire less and have less tidying up to do.


The formality of the party will inform the style of food required but consider these points:  
  • Investigate local suppliers that supply food on/in re-usable platters and dishes (that they collect)
  • Consider finger food that just needs napkins
  • Look at compostible cutlery and crockery options and check you can compost them
  • Check the caterer’s commitment to sustainable, locally sourced food.

Table Decor & Favours


  • Think reusable or salvaged items- so much more original
  • Hire in table displays, china & tablecloths
  • Table favours that are edible or for keeps won’t get left

Room Decor

  • Hire-in display items
  • Look for second-hand or sell yours on
  • Re-sell or donate to charity once you are done with your decor

Waste Management

  • Provide comprehensive recycling bins with clear labelling
  • Place compost bins in the kitchens and party for food waste
  • Provide separate bins for the hand paper towels and look to compost these