Low Waste Food & Grocery Shopping

There are lots of way that you can reduce the amount of plastics and packaging in your life, just by making a few adjustments to your shopping habits.

Don’t be a Bag – Get loosefruit-and-veg

Just think about all that non-recyclable packaging that you chuck in the bin, instead buy:

  • Fruit & veg from the grocer or a veg box to your door
  • Dry goods from a health store or bulk buy from a local international market
  • Bread from the local baker

Make time for a Quickie that’s packaging free

Instant packaged food may seem quick and convenient but is all that extra sugar, salt and preservatives really what you want to be putting in your body?

There are lots of super quick and healthy meals you can make that will save you money as well as being packaging free.


  • Homemade fruit & green smoothies are super healthy & easy. They are even recommended by high-flyers for their energy benefits
  • Take oats to work in a glass jar, pour on boiling water and leave for 5 minutes until the oats are ready and it has cooled down!


  • Make extra dinner the night before
  • Chuck ingredients for a homemade pot noodle in a kilner jar & pour water on at lunch
  • Make a salad or sandwich at work
  • Make a soup in a blender and heat
  • Homemade houmous is really easy to make


  • Slow cook dinner while you are at work
  • Make extra portions and freeze these
  • Check out some raw food recipes – these cut out the cooking process all together!

Invest in a lasting relationship and avoid the dangers of single-use plastics

How many single-use plastic drinks bottles, coffee cups and takeaway pots do you chuck away or ‘recycle’ a week?

  • Reusable coffee cups – Bodum even do a cafetierre that you can drink out of.
  • Water bottles
  • Take a reusable jar/ dish to the deli for olives, cheese and meats
  • Don’t forget the reusable shopping bag

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