Holidays & Travel

Whether it is a roadtrip or an overseas excursion, there are plenty of ways to plan ahead and avoid creating a pile of wrappers and bottles.

Pack it up pack it in!

tiffin-boxReusable containers can also save you money:

  • Box up leftovers when you eat out
  • Store different meals in a metal tiffin boxe
  • Reusable metal cutlery is always useful for chopping an apple or making a sandwich/salad
  • Travel mug for coffee
  • Make homemade energy balls in advance for a healthy pick-me-up

Tip: As a cup is the most expensive component of a coffee besides the labour to make it, ask for a discount.

ice-creamGo Native

Why have a packaged sandwich, takeaway meal or a chocolate bar when you are on holiday when you could:

  • Check out the local deli’s, bakeries and cake shops
  • Eat-in and get amongst the local culture
  • Enjoy an ice cream in a cone

Leave the Little Ones 

Hotels and airports are full of mini plastic bottles but you don’t need to use them, instead:

  • Fill your own reusable containers with shampoos, moisturiser etc
  • Take solid shampoo bars (less likely to explode)