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Plastic-free Bathrooms

The bathroom is a place often full of plastic from shampoo to shower gel but there are some easy switches to try out:

Shampoo and Conditioner

    • Shampoo bars come loose often without packaging or just a paper wrapper
    • Look for shampoo refills in your local zero waste shop or health food shop


Shower Gels


    • Try out refreshing soap bars, there are a huge range now that include moisturising ones and fruity ones 
    • If your family feel funny about sharing some soap, treat each person to their own bar- they last a long time 

 Why do we need shower gel anyway, is it any different to soap? This humorous, illuminating article highlights the marketing gimmick and the chemical compounds that make us suckers for shower gel.



Tooth Paste


Look online for toothpaste in glass jars on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=plastic%20free%20toothpaste

Tooth Brushes


    • I am not personally a fan of bamboo toothbrushes as I have found most of them actually have plastic bristles which I have watched go down the drain. Plus they still can’t be recycled and could become waste like a normal toothbrush. 
    • I have seen toothbrushes with replaceable heads which reduces the waste and also companies offering recycling schemes for electric toothbrushes. See this article on my thoughts on bamboo and reusable toothbrush heads




    • Look for deodorant bars as sold by Lush or deodrant in cardboard packaging or in tins

Make your own – try this recipe and make in large quantities but divided in cake papers or mini jars so you don’t need to do often. If you don’t have all the ingredients e.g. the essential oils or the arrowroot you can adapt and use what you do have 



    • Invest in a reusable one or an epilator  


Want these tips all in one place? Ready to try a 30 day plastic challenge so you can  reduce plastics gradually and not feel overwhelmed? Download the free 30-day challenge.

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