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26th February to 9th April

Are you trying to reduce your plastics as an individual and need some inspiration? 

Perhaps you have ‘nailed it’ and want to get your friends, family and teammates engaged without being ‘preachy’.

Or you just fancy doing more than giving up chocolate this Lent. 

So why not suggest you all do a team ‘Lent Plastic Challenge’: 40 days of reducing single-use plastics week by week. 

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Furthermore, if you would like to get to grips with the background to the problem with plastics and plastic recycling, we have teamed up with our sister consultancy, The Sustainable Sidekicks, to offer a free e-learning course.

The first 50 people who sign up will get access to an online course on Understanding Plastic and Plastic Recycling. Head to the sign-up page to find out more.