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7 Easy Ways to Improve the Chew of a Lunchtime Salad

Now the weather is improving, salad is certainly back on the lunchtime menu (if it ever went away)  but this doesn’t need to be something that comes in a packet from the supermarket.  We will highlight ways to make a delicious taste, sensation at work that will save you money.

At Green Livvy we are not fans of the packaged salads from supermarkets for a couple of reasons

  1. The chemically/synthetic taste – is it chlorine, is it preservatives either way to keep them fresh, pre-packed salads have a nasty after-taste.
  2. The packaging- as you may have guessed, we detest all that plastic packaging!
  3. The cost- of course the convenience of someone making, packaging and transporting a salad costs money, but over a week these costs add up.

The trick to making a a plate of vegetables a tastes sensation, rather than a chewing chore is creating different textures and flavours, so here are 5 suggestions to re-imagine the simple salad:

  1. Choose a base that is peppery- rocket, chinese leaf, kale all fit the bill
  2. Pick different coloured vegetables so it is a visual feast for your eyes
  3. Use a potato peeler to make ribbons- this works well with courgette, carrot, butternut squash. (You could also invest in a spirilizer to do this)
  4. Make julianne stripes of vegetables with this nifty grater– this is the ideal small handy implement to take to work to transform, your lunch time meal
  5. Put root vegetables, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, cauliflower into a food processor to make a rice like texture
  6. Sprout pulses and seeds, n advance – these have a fresh burst of new life with every bite.
  7. Garnish with soft, salty antipasti such as olives, capers, pickled peppers or sundried tomatoes.

This blog entry includes affiliate links to Amazon. We recommend trying to buy things second-hand first and foremost.

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