About Green Livvy

Feel familiar?

  • Are you locked in a cycle of needing to buy more stuff to save more time, only to need to work more hours in order to pay for all that extra stuff?
  • Do you buy things to make up for not having enough time to do the things you really care about?
  • Do you eat convenience foods, filling your body with untold nasties and your bin with a plethora of packaging, but wish you could ditch the habit?
  • Have you heard rumours about the damaging impact of plastics on our health and the environment and want to know more?

If you can say yes to any of the questions above then strap in, because you and Green Livvy have lots in common.

What it’s all about

Packed with tonnes of free info on everything from how to host an eco party to green office tips, Green Livvy is here to help you lower your environmental footprint, increase your happiness and boost your bank balance.

Having spent many years making these changes to our own lives, we want you to benefit from our tried and tested methods. We know first-hand the positive impact making low-waste changes can have; replacing feelings of stress with feelings of gratitude and wellness.

Who is Livvy?

Green Livvy is headed up by Livvy Drake, a city-dwelling busy-living enthusiast

What was your inspiration for setting up Green Livvy?

A few years ago I found myself trapped in a soul-crushing cycle you may find only too familiar: working long hours, squeezing in the gym and my social life and never finding time to prepare my own meals.

Where cooking up a storm used to be fun, it was now just a chore. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the health impact I knew convenience foods and eating out all the time were having on my body and to top it off the contents of my rubbish bin was making me squirm.

I needed a way out. In my quest to discover new ways to eat, shop and work which were more in tune with my health needs and environmental concerns a new world opened up to me. I found so many alternative options which were quick, easy and damn tasty not to mention seriously satisfying to my soul.

By refocussing on my core values and discovering what makes me happy I’ve also made other changes to my weekly habits and priorities which make me even happier.

That’s not to say I’ve become a minimalist, moved into a tree house or become a home-baking 1950’s house-wife. After all, I still own a smart phone, a kindle, a crazy wardrobe of fancy dress and enjoy all the perks of city living.

What it does mean though, is that i’ve discovered the joys of shopping away from supermarkets, the satisfaction of making fresh ‘raw’ desserts and milks at a fraction of the cost of their shop-bought alternatives and the time to enjoy my passions.

Green Livvy is my way of sharing these learnings with you; passing on the expert knowledge I’ve researched and inspiration from my own experiences to help you enjoy a life with Less Waste & More Living.

Be Part of the Solution NOT the Pollution!