Bathroom & Toiletries

What alternatives can you find on your local high street for all the squeezy bottles in your bathroom?

Washing & Deodorant

bar-itLook out for solid bars of all of these items:

  • Hand soap (Of course soap comes in bars! If you really need liquid soup look out for a large refillable bottle)
  • Shampoo bars – much safer to travel with, Lush has a great selection
  • Conditioner bars– Lush sells it by weight and has metal boxes for transporting around.
  • Shower gel – Dove even do body wash bars
  • Deodorant – Lush do deo bars

Why do we need shower gel anyway, is it any different to soap? This humorous, illuminating article highlights the marketing gimmick and the chemical compounds that make us suckers for shower gel.

Smooth Over

When buying moisturisers, look out for:

  • Moisturising bars
  • Refill options (BathSpaSkincare offer a mailorder refill)
  • Coconut oil is super versatile and can be used as a moisturiser and conditioner, as well as to cook with
  • Lush make all their plastic pots from recycled plastics and take their pots back – ‘Closed Loop’ recycling


Looking after your teeth is the best you can do all round as the dentist uses lots of single-use plastics for any dental work and it’s expensive.  There are a few low-waste options to consider:


  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Reusable toothbrush heads
  • Miswak sticks – yes this is a twig that you chew to get teeth clean

Toothpaste alternatives

  • Toothpaste is sold in jars on Etsy 
  • Make your own toothpaste – if you choose a flouride free toothpaste what is in it anyway?

Toothpick/floss alternatives

  • Floss sticks can be cleaned and reused multiple times.
  • Still looking at the best options for these in the UK!

NOTE: Don’t be put off by the strong smell in Lush Cosmetics, it specialises in packaging-free, natural options good for you body & the environment!

 Sanitary Items

Mooncups – Save a fortune on this packaging-free solution that is bleach and chemical free

NOTE: All the packaging free options are chemical free too so better for your body & health.


Useful low-waste alternatives on Amazon

Mooncup Sustain Ultra Tailored Fit Condoms Cloth Menstrual Pads Ecological Bamboo Toothbrush Washable Cleansing Pads
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