The Tipping Point: What Happens with our Waste

Wednesday July 17th, 7-9.30pm

The Roebuck, Borough, London, SE1


Thursday July 18th, 7-9.30pm

The Walrus, Brighton

Why is plastic recycling so complicated? Which bin should compostable plastics go in? Is waste-to-energy a better solution to landfill? Why do some towns have one bin recycling whereas others have multiple bins? RECYCLINGLIVVY

With Blue Plant and Hughes War on Waste focusing the collective conscience on the issues of plastics; the realities and complexities of recycling and waste disposal have been highlighted.

But there is much more to waste than just plastics. Join these Funzing talks to get an understanding on:

  • what recycling really means for many products and materials.
  • plants and countries where our waste gets processed and how this affects their end of life.
  • alternative materials to plastics e.g. bioplastics

Don’t worry this won’t be a completely depressing talk, because change is afoot. Learn about all the developments and positive solutions and changes that will readdress the materials ending up on our shelves in the first instance.

This talk is perfect for businesses and individuals who :

  • are committed to reducing plastics and waste
  • want to make informed decisions for their business
  • reduce plastics and packaging in the supply chain
  • and encourage behaviour change with people around them

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Tickets £12 + BF

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